There’s Nothing Like Wine On Tap

The wine on tap trend has been circulating the hospitality industry for over 30 years now and it’s proved so popular that there seems to be no sign of slowing down! With a number of reasons to advocate for universal use of kegged wines, from cost and consistency to sustainability, the case for wine on tap is a logical one.

And if you’re looking to elevate your home bar, a wine tap is a smart move. Wine is one of few alcoholic drinks that caters to every season of the year. Looking to host a summer wine and dine evening on the patio? Perhaps a girls night by the fire on a chilly winter’s evening? Whatever the occasion or the time of year, there’s a perfect wine variety to drink away the day.

With the addition of a cooling and dispensing unit to any bar, drinking wine is both easy and reliable. And with a double tap unit, connect a white and a red keg to each for the perfect balance of offering.

Sustainable Vino

One of the biggest benefits of putting wine on tap is the case for sustainability. Wine travels in bottles that travel in cases. With every bottle of wine that is discarded at the end of the evening, along with it is the discarding of the labels, boxes, corks, and tape that comes with them. Filling a keg, from 18L to 50L, reduces the rate of this waste drastically.

A steel keg is the most sustainable way to distribute any kind of alcohol. Each keg can be reused up to thousands of times and distribute little waste to the environment. Not only this, but in opting for kegged wine, you save paying the cost of the bottles, corks and labels that are automatically added to the cost of the wine when you buy it by the bottle. So if you’re running a hospitality venue or you make small batch wines at your micro-brewery, instead of charging customers $16 per glass, the price can come down as far as $12.

A Quality Drop

More often than not, selections of wine by the glass in pubs and bars don’t do the vino justice. Whether it be unregulated temperature damage, over-exposed bottles or simply the fact that it’s been sitting open for too long, wine by the glass via a bottle is just not good enough these days.

The best way to enjoy wine is to have it how the makers intended, and the best way to ensure flavour and consistency remains intact, is to store the wine in a silver keg, connected to a dispensing tap. Wines on tap are fresher and brighter than the staleness of bottled wine by the glass, and can be enjoyed in the same condition as when they were kegged.

You really haven’t tasted wine until you have it straight from the tap. Chilled and crisp, just how the wine makers intended.

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