Sweet Relief

We’ve all experienced those hot summer days where there’s nothing else you’d rather be sipping on than an ice cold soft drink, straight from the glass. This summer, invest in a cooling and dispensing unit for the ultimate sweet relief.

Our cooling and dispensing units make for a versatile option for the whole family. Whether it be a convenient solution for the kids or an immediate mixer for mum and dad’s spirits, connecting soft drinks to your home bar is guaranteed to be a hit! And if you’re working on adding to your own micro-brewery, cafe or bar, level up your bar service with a soft drink dispensing unit to make drink service convenient for everyone.

Fun For The Kids

What kid doesn’t love the sweet treat of a nice cold soft drink on a hot day? Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, looking for a way to make it through the summer holidays, or just an easy solution for dinner time, installing a dispensing unit for soft drink is the best way to keep the kids happy.

Our cooling and dispensing units are a great way to keep the kids happy all year round, and if you’ve got a birthday party coming up, having soft drink on tap not only saves you the mess of crushed cans, it also ensures there’s no incidents of smashed glass. With our dispensing taps, you can connect up to 3 soft drink kegs to fuel the entire family. Got a fussy little one? Put their favourite softie on tap and they’ll never complain again!

Events Made Easy

Hosting an event? Take the stress out planning the drinks with a portable cooling and dispensing unit. Save the trip to the supermarket and bottle-o, and save the hassle of lugging around slabs of cans and bags of ice, pick up a couple kegs, plug and pour – it’s simple!

Make planning an event easy by adding a cooling and dispensing system to the bar with tailored drinks to satisfy even the fussiest of guests! Depending on the scale of your event or party, choose between 1, 2, or 3 tap dispensers and keep your favourite soft drinks loaded up for free-flowing drinks, all day long! 

Keep both the kids and the parents satisfied with soft drinks, mixers and sweet beverages served cold, straight from the tap! And, make life easier by setting up a self-serve system so everyone can pour their own. Shop the range of our best soft drink dispensing units below.


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