Frequently Asked Questions

What Dispensing Unit Is Right For Me?

You should choose the unit that suits your needs, according to required output and the number of drinks you wish to serve simultaneously. Our units vary in performance from 25L/hour all the way up to 270L/hour.

NOTE: The number in the dispensing units name indicates the continuous output of the device in litres per hour. For instance; the Pygmy 25 has a continuous performance output of 25L per hour.

How Do These Units Work?

Our dispensing units are straightforward to set up, quick to cool drinks and easy to use. Simply connect your dispensing unit to your keg and connect the keg to the CO2 gas bottle. Once connected and the unit turned on, the unit will draw your beverage into the cooler. With up to 7 temperature settings, the cooler will have your drinks at their ideal temperature in just 5-10 minutes.

For our dispensing units with a compressor, you can also use KeyKegs which don’t need a CO2 gas bottle. Instead, connect the KeyKeg back into the dispensing unit and away you go!

What Does The Letter ‘K’ mean in the unit name?

The letter ‘K’ indicates the dispensing unit has a built-in air compressor. These units are popular with people wanting to use key kegs.

How Do I Clean My Unit?

All of our units come with a wash out tank and 12 packets of sanitisers. Using the sanitation adapter, you can do a basic rinse with water (we recommend rinsing after each keg is dispensed). With the help of the sanitising set, you can easily sanitise the machine even in domestic conditions.


What Type of Keg Can I Use?

Most of our range can use kegs with A couplers (used by breweries such as Tooheys, Coopers, Furphy, etc) or D couplers  (used by CUB and craft breweries such as Mountain Goat).

Our units with an built-in air compressor (such as the Pygmy 25K and Kontakt 40K) can also be used with key kegs.

What Do I Need to Connect Them?

With all of our units, we supply the connections, fittings and suitable couplers that enable you to connect your preferred keg type to our units.

For instance, our Pygmy 25 comes with all tubing and fittings, A type coupler, D type coupler, gauges and 2.6kg bottle of CO2.

If you would like all connections and couplers for the dispensing units with a compressor, please let us know in the order notes.


What Are They?

Key Kegs  are one of the more common one-way alternatives being used by microbreweries. What makes them unique is that they don’t function like a standard keg. KeyKegs contain a protected bladder inside of a double outer plastic shell. At Complete Beverage Services our compressor-enabled dispensing units pumped air between the shell and the bladder to squeeze the liquid out of the top.

What Drinks Can I Get?

You can get a wide range of drinks with KeyKegs, from beer and wine to cocktails and cold-brew coffee. You can even get non-alcoholic cocktails and Kombucha for the non-drinkers and designated drivers.

A/D Coupler Kegs

What Are They?

A-Type & D-Type coupler kegs are the most common types of kegs in Australia with most breweries using these kegs.

Who Uses Them?

A-Type includes: 

5 Seeds, Canadian Club, Carlsberg, Coopers, Furphy, Guinness, Hahn, Heineken, James Boags, James Squire, Kirin, Kronenbourg, Little Creatures, 

Magners, Pipsqueak, Sapporo, Tooheys, Two Birds, White Rabbit, XXXX Gold, Young Henry’s

D-Type includes: 

4 Pines, Bulmers, Carlton Draught, Cascade, Cricketers Arms, Crown Lager, Fat Yak, Great Northern, Kingfisher, Konig, Monteiths, Mountain Goat, Peroni, Pure Blonde, Somersby, Tiger Beer, Victoria Bitter


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