Take The Stress Out Of Event Planning

If you love hosting parties and large scale events, or if you’re a private event organiser, owning a beverage dispenser is a must! No event is complete without it, and once you try one, you’ll never look back!

When planning a function or event, food and drinks are likely to cover a majority of the pre-thought. In the past, this would usually involve the organising of which drinks to buy, how many cans or bottles to purchase, bags of ice to keep them cold, and plastic cups or glasses to pour them into. This kind of planning is unnecessary hassle.

Make planning an event easy by adding a cooling and dispensing system to the bar with tailored drinks to satisfy even the fussiest of guests! Depending on the scale of your event or party, choose between 1, 2, or 3 tap dispensers and keep your favourite beverages loaded up for free-flowing drinks, all night long!

An Event To Remember

Whether you plan to have a bar full of staff or an entirely self-serve system for your party, a drinks dispenser is the way to go!

Everyone has their own taste and this can make it hard to cater for a room full of people. Not sure whether people will want to drink beer or wine? How about cider? Why not have it all? Having a multi-tap dispenser ready at the bar with an array of drink options on offer makes for a seamless night and lots of happy guests!

And if you’re planning a wedding or any other special occasion, you can link up your own unique cocktail mix to make the event that little bit more memorable. Anyone for an “Apple-y Ever After” martini?

More Drinks, More Dancing, Less Waste

For any event, big or small, the use of a drinks dispenser is the best way to save time so you can enjoy the party – stress free. By having a drinks dispenser loaded with everyone’s favourite drinks – be it beer, wine, cocktails, or all three – you’ll save both time and money in not having to run around town picking up slabs of alcohol. 

You can also rest easy knowing that you won’t run out of drinks, able to swap out the kegs at any time. Not only this, but it’ll save a huge amount of waste by encouraging people to drink from a glass, rather than single use cups and cans. So instead of enduring the hassle and stress that comes with organising drinks for an event, put your dancing shoes on and enjoy the night!

Happy Hour In 3, 2, 1

Set up your home bar dispenser in these 3 easy steps.

Place Unit On A Surface

To install your new dispensing unit, first place it on a sturdy surface that can adequately support the weight of the machine.

Connect The Keg & Bold Socket

Next, connect the keg and the bold socket by inserting the rubber hoses into the appropriate sockets

Pour & Enjoy

Give the machine a few minutes to cool the drinks, then simply pour your frothy beverage and enjoy!


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