Cocktails Like Never Before

Cocktails on tap sound like a dangerous concept, and to the traditional bartender, it’s a reluctant shift, but this newly found idea to revolutionised service has sky-rocketted sales among Australian hospitality venues.

With the consistent rise in cocktails, from margaritas to espressos and even the old-age pornstar, serving up these complex drinks has never been easier! With limited hands in the bar to make a cocktail that can usually take up to 15 minutes, more and more venues are choosing to save the time and the hassle by putting their best sellers on tap!

With a designated dispensing unit for cocktails, you’ll never turn to a metal shaker again! With a bunch of varieties and mixes now available by the keg, you won’t have to compromise on taste for convenience – you can have both! And your customers will love you for it.

Taps For More Than Just Brews

In recent times, the rise of wine on tap, specialty pre-mixers, and even bottled cocktails have seen a huge shift in the hospitality industry. Now, with an increased demand of the delicious shaken and stirred mixes in bars, pubs and restaurants, leading hospitality hubs have cracked on to the new efficient method of serving our beloved drinks.

Cocktails on tap is a recently trialled concept that has proven widely popular among hospo gurus, with a large sum of venues now offering a select range of classic mixes beside their list of beers.

Revolutionised Service

If you’ve been looking for a way to speed up your service and customer experience, this is it! With a cooling and dispensing unit available to serve your best-selling and customised cocktails on tap, you’ll be able to pour and serve these complex drinks in record time, and with flavour that rings true.

Above anything else, putting your menu cocktails on tap allows for quality, consistency and speed. Instead of the traditional method of measuring each ingredient, adding it to a shaker, and blending them all together for the perfect drink, a keg of pre-made cockatail mix ensures that flaour, consistency and texture is already guaranteed.

Piña colada, espresso martini, margarita, negroni, daiquiri, whiskey sour, mojito, whatever your flavour, there’s a keg for you! Add a cocktail keg to your dispensing unit and give your customers what they want, when they want it. What are you waiting for?


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