Sensational Summer Cider!

Not too long ago, cider was a beverage that held little respect among Australian drinkers. But in the last few years, people have tapped into the cider market, discovering the pleasure of summer drinking in a new refreshing way.

Today, you’ll find liquor stores stocking shelves upon shelves with new cider varieties, with everything from fruit-infused flavours, savoury mixes, and the age old classic fizz of a traditional apple cider. While cider is much like beer in its ability to offer that sweet, refreshing relief from a hot day, this newly-appreciated beverage brings a whole new level of refreshment to summer drinking.

Cider is traditionally gluten-free with most brews containing a level of polyphenol antioxidants which help boost our digestion. As a result, cider is now the drink of choice for many as it offers that thirst-quenching-on-a-hot-day kind of relief, without the bloating and stomach cramps that often come with drinking beer.

For The Dog Days

In the dog days of summer when the sun is ripe with heat, nothing will drag your leisurely afternoons down more than a heavy beer. So when you’re hosting your next warm-weather gathering, get yourself a keg of hard cider to drink your way through the day.

Whether you’re in your backyard, by the pool, or holidaying at the beach, no summer’s day is complete without a communal BBQ cook up and cold drinks to go along with it. When you’ve got the spatula in one hand, put a cider in the other hand.

Your New Summer Drink

If you’re tired of feeling constantly bloated, heavy, and weary after a day on the beers, this is your sign to switch to cider. And what better way to drink your new favourite drink than ice cold, perfectly fizzy, poured straight from the tap!

Designed for summer, the traditionally low alcohol volume, perfectly tart, and slight sweetness of cider makes for the perfect slow sipping beverage. With our range of cooling and dispensing units, you can enjoy the delicious, refreshing taste of cider, all summer long.

Shop our range of dispensing units, perfect for an endless stream of cider below. Plug, pour, and enjoy!

Happy Hour In 3, 2, 1

Set up your home bar dispenser in these 3 easy steps.

Place Unit On A Surface

To install your new dispensing unit, first place it on a sturdy surface that can adequately support the weight of the machine.

Connect The Keg & Bold Socket

Next, connect the keg and the bold socket by inserting the rubber hoses into the appropriate sockets

Pour & Enjoy

Give the machine a few minutes to cool the drinks, then simply pour your frothy beverage and enjoy!


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