Your Brew, The Right Way

The venture into brewing your own beer or cider is an exciting one. Whether you’re a beer fanatic or simply looking for a new hobby, the process of brewing your own mix is not only fun but it’s a great creative outlet from the monotony of everyday life.

If you’re in the early stages of concocting your own unique recipe or you’ve well and truly developed your own brand and selection of brews, having a sophisticated dispensing system is a must! In any brewery, large or small, the way your drinks present is one of the most important aspects of selling your mix, second only to the taste, of course.

With Complete Beverage Services cooling and dispensing units, you can take your micro brewery to the next level. There’s really nothing like a fresh pint straight from the tap!

The Perfect Pour

After all the weeks and months preparing your perfect brew, there’s really only one way to enjoy your frothy mix: chilled, frothy, and in a glass. Having a cooling and dispensing system installed in your micro brewery is the best way to get the most out of your beers and ciders. Our range of beer taps come in a variety of sizes and cooling settings to make sure your brew gets the perfect, crisp pour, everytime.

A True Brewery Experience

With the addition of cooling and dispensing systems to your micro brewery, you not only enhance the taste of your beer through a chilled, frothy pour, but you also create a whole brewery experience for your customers and friends. 

Serving your drinks is not just about the presentation, it’s also about sharing your offering of brews. Most people will go to a brewery to try something new and to experience a new kind of beer or flavour. Having a dispensing tap allows you to offer your customers a whole tasting experience. Whether it’s off the cuff tasting at the bar, or offering a range of tasting paddles on the menu, being able to pour smaller amounts of your brews is a great way to give your customers an experience to remember! Not only this but it also expands your service offering, allowing you to host large or small scale tastings for events and functions.

Happy Hour In 3, 2, 1

Set up your home bar dispenser in these 3 easy steps.

Place Unit On A Surface

To install your new dispensing unit, first place it on a sturdy surface that can adequately support the weight of the machine.

Connect The Keg & Bold Socket

Next, connect the keg and the bold socket by inserting the rubber hoses into the appropriate sockets

Pour & Enjoy

Give the machine a few minutes to cool the drinks, then simply pour your frothy beverage and enjoy!


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