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Never Drink Warm Beer or Cider Again!

When it comes to Australian summer, keeping your drinks cool can be bloody hard! There’s NEVER enough room in the fridge for everyone, and the ice in the esky always melts too quickly.

Luckily, our cooling and dispensing units were specifically made to cater to the Australian climate! Our portable systems easily hook up to any standard keg and rapidly cool the beer or cider. With up to 7 levels of temperature control, you’ll never have to drink warm beer again!

Forget The Esky, Forget The Ice, Forget The Effort.

This summer, head over to a mates place and simply plug and pour. Our range of dispensing units are made to be portable so you can take the bar with you, wherever you go!

With an average weight of 12kgs (the same as 3 bags of ice), you can enjoy better beer without the hassle of carting around slabs of stubbies. Not only this, but our dispensing units offer up to 3 taps per system, meaning you can connect 3 different drinks to have on hand at any time.

When the sun’s out, make the most of the day with fresh, endless beer, straight from the tap.

Fresh Frothies How You Like Them

Pots, pints, schooners, midies, ponies, 7’s – whatever your taste, get the perfect crisp, cool pour, everytime! All you need to do is connect your favourite beer keg, and in three easy steps, you’re good to go. 

Kegs come in a range of sizes from 18L to 54L meaning you can enjoy nice, cold beer, all day long. All you need to do is plug your dispensing tap into the wall → connect the keg → and pour yourself that delicious ale!

What are you waiting for? Grab your mates, grab a keg and take your BBQ or footy night to the next level with your very own beer tap!

Happy Hour In 3, 2, 1

Set up your home bar dispenser in these 3 easy steps.

Place Unit On A Surface

To install your new dispensing unit, first place it on a sturdy surface that can adequately support the weight of the machine.

Connect The Keg & Bold Socket

Next, connect the keg and the bold socket by inserting the rubber hoses into the appropriate sockets

Pour & Enjoy

Give the machine a few minutes to cool the drinks, then simply pour your frothy beverage and enjoy!


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